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Addiction Treatment Research

In addition to the Baldwin Report of 1990, more up to date information has been added. Over the nearly 30 last years, dedicated researchers at Baldwin Research Institute, Inc., have studied and analyzed the current state of treatment, its successes, its failures, and effective methods for positive human development.

The debate over the validity of the disease concept continues to consume opposing schools of thought regarding addictions and substance abuse treatment. This debate, although members of each side seem altruistic, has done nothing to provide better programs for patients with substance abuse problems. As a result of our efforts to provide the public with scientifically responsible research and the results or outcomes of said research, our findings have led our organization to change its original purpose of existing solely as a research organization to that of a proactive group working to change the face of treatment.

A lack of responsible research has led to a disastrous situation. The introduction of responsible research outcome result reports appears to be the only avenue for achieving our goal. This website will be updated regularly as new research projects are completed and new information is released about addictions, treatment, and mental illness.

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