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The Freedom Model For Addictions

The Freedom Model for Addictions text is for anyone seeking an empowering way to move permanently beyond addiction and other self-limiting behaviors. You will not find the information contained in The Freedom Model in any other book or program. As a non-treatment model, it exposes the failings of treatment and the limitations of a recovery lifestyle. No other approach to addiction contains this level of straight-forward facts and logic.

The Freedom Model explains how we view addiction and recovery, and explains their roles in society and how they impact our culture and our personal experiences with substance use. We've had readers say, "This is what I've thought all along! This makes so much more sense than what I learned in rehab!". It is a wonderful day when someone can finally have their views about addiction, and the fact that they can move past it permanently, be substantiated with scientific research.

Home Addiction Program

The Freedom Model proves addiction and recovery are cultural constructs that surround, distort, and obscure self-motivated behavioral habits of substance use. Promoting misinformed cultural concepts, as well as addiction myths, has become big business and has proven to be harmful to those struggling with addiction and to our societ as a whole.

After discarding the myths of addiction and substance use, you can finally and freely move forward in ending addiction issues permanently, without any fear of relapse or being held hostage to a lifetime of after care or support meetings. The Freedom Model is the most empowering approach ever developed because it celebrates the power of change inside of you.