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Ryan A. Schwantes

President - Baldwin Research Institute

Ryan Schwantes

Ryan A. Schwantes is the President of Baldwin Research Institute, Inc, the parent company of Saint Jude Retreats, and BRI Publishing and creators of The Freedom Model.. Ryan began his career in 2001 after relocating to New York from Wisconsin. Mr. Schwantes was elected President in 2006. As President, Ryan Schwantes oversees all business oriented operations of the company to ensure success in carrying out the company's mission to change the treatment industry to a solution that works.

Ryan helped launch BRI Publishing in 2017 as the Publishing wing of the company. The Publishing division's first official release is The Freedom Model. The Freedom model is a revolutionary approach because it's a counter to what all the stereotypical media, political heads, and "experts" say about addiction and it unravels the entire addiction and recovery constructs and challenges the drug and alcohol treatment industry and its methods as a whole. BRI Publishing is planning to publish various literature related to changing the way in which the public views' addiction and substance use. Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. has been the pioneers of the Non 12 step approach as well as the Non-Treatment approach to overcoming addiction.

Aside from his career in changing the way people view addiction, Ryan Schwantes is an avid fitness enthusiast and has been involved in fitness since the age of 14. He has an ability to see through the marketing hype with topics such as weight loss and muscle building and sports nutrition. He has helped several individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

Ryan Schwantes has successfully moved beyond his own personal struggles in life and uses that experience, coupled with his expertise in addiction and fitness, to motivate and inspire others to achieve the goals and aspirations they seek in life. He is known for his optimistic and positive outlook on life and his genuine belief that people can achieve anything if they truly want it bad enough.

Most importantly, Ryan is a proud father and husband! Ryan lives in the Capital Region of New York with his wife and two boys.

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