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At BRI we understand that everyone's circumstances and needs are different. Therefore, we provide multiple options for men, women, adolescents and families of the individuals who seek help from us, to access our Saint Jude Home Program for substance use. Our self-directed educational option is an affordable and convenient way to access the Saint Jude Program for substance use. This program, in particular, is intended for individual study based on a revolutionary method to empower people called Cognitive Behavioral Education for substance use (CBE).

Home Addiction Program

The Saint Jude self-directed educational program concentrates on positive neuroplastic change and positive self-change and simultaneously allows people with limited schedule availability or financial resources to get access to the methods we use to accomplish these changes on their own. The self-directed study curriculum and methods present an opportunity to take responsibility for individual's choices and actions, build the future that that individual always wanted, accomplish goals and achieve dreams for a better life and internal peace. The program is ideal for individuals of any age who are in a state of personal crisis, who are facing a specific problem with substance use, or have simply lost their way.

In contrast with the popular belief that in order for a person to overcome a substance use problem that person needs to commit to attend a residential facility or maintain a level of engagement with support groups for the rest of his/her life, we believe in the power of the individual to make positive choices and learn personal responsibility on their own. True change comes from within and no amount of counseling, support groups or treatment facilities can change something that is the sole responsibility of the individual. Therefore, the lack of opportunity to make a full-time commitment to a residential facility like ours, is not and should not be a reason for an individual not to overcome a substance use problem or change his/her life. Everyone has the power and strength to change their lives and we are honored to be able to offer a self-directed program for individual use that can assist in that process.

Unlike most self-help books, courses and programs that provide only slogans, ideas and a pep talk with temporary results, but demand counseling and unending expensive support; our self-directed program provides a comprehensive curriculum with a set of self-directed exercises that guide the individual through the process of the neuroplastic change. This unique self-empowerment program can be completed in the convenience of the individual's home. In addition, our family consultants are available to assist with questions regarding the program via e-mail or phone, free of charge.

Saint Jude self-directed program is helping individuals understand that through their own power of conviction and better choices they can and will achieve the level of happiness they desire in life.


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