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The Saint Jude Retreat Reviews

The Saint Jude Retreat Reviews

Reviews of The Saint Jude Retreats from previous guests who attended one of The Saint Jude Retreats or readers of The Freedom Model

Saint Jude Retreat Review
"Saint Jude Retreat House saved my daughters life. Just a big thank you and God bless you! (Joanne) 4 years ago. She has been sober from crystal meth and Xanax for 4 years now after being addicted for 3 years. We were just both talking about her anniversary at Saint Judes. She was 18 years old when she went in and she is now 22 and very sober. We are both very thankful for Saint Jude Retreats"

Saint Jude Retreat Center Review
"I grew up at 35. It was my decision to come to the Saint Jude Retreats that put this process in motion, and gave me the courage to follow through, and start my sojourn of building a wonderful life. For me life begins after 35!"

Saint Jude Retreat House Review
"From the first moment that I walked into the Saint Jude Retreat House, I knew this place was different. I felt a sense of comfort and belonging immediately at Saint Judes. The ideas and concepts were new to me. There were no counselors or psychiatrists diagnosing me. There was no substituting one drug for another. There were no group therapy sessions. And there was no blaming others for my life's failures. Yes, I learned that much of my life was my fault, but I learned that this was truly good news, because that meant I could fix it. And I was shown exactly how to do just that. The Saint Jude Retreat Program has changed my life completely. I have found a new sense of peace in my life. I am so grateful that I have decided to stay and help others at the retreat to gain the freedom and happiness that I now enjoy."

Saint Jude Retreat Review
"I visited Saint Judes in June of 2008 and since then, this past year has been the best year I've had in a decade!!! I had been using drugs for nearly a decade and have been dealing with an eating disorder since I was 12. The two were my life. I was so consumed in my efforts to be skinny that I lost focus of everything and everyone around me. Before arriving at Saint Judes, I had been to two 12 Step treatment programs and several out patient treatments without success.

The Saint Jude Mountain Retreat House was nothing I had ever experienced before.The atmosphere, the program was exactly what I needed. I felt relaxed, the staff was remarkable, and genuinely cared about each house guest! For me, it was difficult to see that I could love myself, but thanks to Jen, Bobby, Gwen, Sheryl and my instructor, Jim, I have found that to be happy is truly within you. I now have more respect for myself and my body which in turn has given me the self-confidence I need. I still struggle with my weight from day to day but I do not resort to anything that will take me back.I am happy where I'm at and that I made the choice to change. I can not thank Saint Jude Retreats enough!!

I have been working full-time since August 2008 as an administrator for a Recruiting Engineering Firm and faced my fears of failing by enrolling in an insurance course which I passed with a grade of over 80%. I will soon be continuing on with my studies to achieve my goal of a career in the insurance field.  I recently ran and completed a 10km run in 60mins.  I have entered this run in the past several times, to either not finish, or only walk because I was so weak.  I play on a baseball team, volunteer when possible, and in the near future there is a possibility of me mentoring children/young adults in similar situations that I went through. Most importantly, I have a relationship with my parents, brother, and my best friends again!

I made the choice to change, Saint Jude Retreat House showed me how.   I continue to use the knowledge I learned think positive, think of others first, and to be happy. Thank you Saint Jude Retreats! I appreciate you all very much!"

Saint Jude Retreat Review
"I was 25 years old when I came to the Saint Jude Retreats. I was resilient at first because I was in and out of rehabs since I was 18. After about a week, I warmed up to everyone in the house. The teachers were absolutely wonderful people. They took me as like their own. I thought I was never going to get better and I was going to be an addict for the rest of my life. The Saint Jude Program is truly the best program in the world. It opened my eyes a lot. The Saint Jude Program taught me that I make my own choices and I wasn't diseased. During the program, I received my GED. When I got home, I attended and graduated college. The Saint Jude Retreats saved my life. I would recommend this program to anybody."

Saint Jude Retreat Reviews - Home Recovery
"As a former physician, I was reluctant to believe there was a successful alternative addiction program available today, at least here in the United States.

I was most surprised by the easiness and empowerment of this program, which helped me realize that the responsibility for a sober future was in my hands. I realize now that addiction does not exist, and that I have always had control over my habits. I just needed to be educated on how to find my own way. This program allowed me this freedom.

I strongly recommend this program to anyone, regardless of your substance usage habits."

Saint Jude Retreat Reviews - Home Recovery
"I had struggled with my substance abuse for years, tried dozen of outpatient programs with absolutely no success. I was almost convinced that I would have to live with the "disease of addiction" for the rest of my life.
Luckily I found your program, which taught me exactly the opposite. Now I know I had the power to become sober, any time with just one choice. The choice to stop using.

I was told cocaine was this powerful drug that messed with my brain, and that even if I quit one day, the disease could come back. It has been 3 years now since I did the program, and haven't touched coke since. I just wanted to say THANK YOU because your program truly helped me realized the potential that I had inside of me"

Saint Jude Retreat Reviews - Home Recovery
"This program was highly recommended to me by a successful previous guest of the Saint Jude Retreats. The Home program did exactly what I was told it would. I learned how to change my life."

Saint Jude Retreat Reviews - Home Recovery
"The Saint Jude program was a complete slap in my face. After hanging onto the whole disease theory, I thought my substance abuse problems were unavoidable facts of my life. Thank god, this was far from the truth. From the moment I started reading, and doing the exercises on the book, I changed, and my belief in the disease of addiction was replaced by the truth that I am just a person who struggled to mature. This changed my whole perspective. I would recommend this process to anyone with impulse control issues or anyone who still believes in addiction. Believe me, you will see a difference with this program!

Saint Jude Retreat Reviews - Home Recovery
I must say 'We are what we think' and today I think I am a loving and caring mother who will enjoy her family to fullest. I am a human being. I am no longer "Elizabeth the alcoholic". Thank you Saint Jude Retreat House.

Overall Review for The Saint Jude Retreats, formerly Saint Jude Retreats Rated 4.8/5 based on 10 Reviews

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